Venue of the Conference

The conference is held in the Educational-laboratory building of the Bauman MSTU  (Russia, Moscow, Rubtsovskaya nab., 2/18 Educational-laboratory building, Conference Hall, 3rd floor).

International Scientific and Technical Conference

devoted to the 150th Anniversary of the Faculty «Power Engineering”,
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Russia, Moscow, October 30 - 31, 2018
Copyright © 2018 Department «Piston Engines», Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Factual address:
Rubtsovskaya nab., 2/18, Moscow, Russia
Educational-laboratory building, 9th floor, aud. 950L
Postal address:
Baumanskaya st., 2-ya, 5/1, Moscow, 105005
«Piston engines» department (E-2)
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